Aftercare-Mining Skills for an Entry-Level Workforce

BC AMTA has combined two certificate courses into one in order to give our clients the best chance possible for finding and obtaining valuable, fulfilling careers.

Here are the programs at a glance.

Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success (P2S) prepares people for entry into the job market. It is designed to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and personal growth with the goal of preparing students for entry-level work and/or further training.

The P2S program provides a supportive environment with specialized curriculum, instruction, guidance and coaching to help candidates overcome barriers to learning. The curriculum combines life skills and essential skills to prepare candidates for success in their next stage of training. Individuals learn how to achieve success as a student and as an employee in the workplace.

Curriculum varies on a per-participant basis however the program generally includes: Essential Skills upgrading including reading text, document use and numeracy. Other components include Life Skills, Culture and Job Readiness. The program also incorporates writing, computer use, thinking, working with others, continuous learning, and oral communications.

A unique aspect of this BC AMTA program is that Elders are included in the process and in the classroom; their presence adds to the positive learning environment.

Mining Skills For An Entry-Level Workforce


BC AMTA has co-developed an Introduction to Mining Skills Certificate Program designed to familiarize students with the realities of the mining industry. Many components of this certificate program are based on safety, client will receive 15 work related tickets including but not limited to

  • Level 1 First Aid
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Working in confined spaces.

Curriculum includes: Mining cycle, introduction to open pit and/or underground mining, mineral processing, industry certifications, communication and mine safety.