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The Three Voices of Healing Society’s (TVOH) Wellness Center is operated by a registered non-profit, non-political service organization dedicated to the treatment of First Nations people suffering from addictions. We serve First Nations from all regions in BC & AB. The Society is a registered charitable organization through the Federal Government of Canada.

The Wellness Center is situated on 6 acres of Shuswap Band Land leased by the Three Voices of Healing Society. We provide 12-beds in a non-medical Accredited Residential Adult Treatment Facility. The Centre runs six-week programs for men as well as a  thirteen week men’s Aftercare program that runs parallel. The Program is a unique model created from a blend of First Nations cultural, abstinence and evidence-based therapies. We provide the fundamental components of substance abuse treatment that includes individual and group counselling, education on alcohol, drug, addictions, and social skills. We offer a cultural and healing component that respects the First Nations diversity in BC & AB. Since 2004, the treatment completion rate has risen from 30-40% to 80-90% and the sobriety rate one-year after completing treatment has risen from 10% to 40-60%. We operate above the required occupancy rate and maintain a wait list averaging three to six months, this is from the positive testimonials of former clients. Resulting in refusals for referrals to other facilities to reduce the wait.

The Three Voices of Healing Society’s Wellness Center has been accredited by Accreditation Canada since March of 2005. The accreditation process is a rigorous examination of all aspects of the organization including governance, financial management, human resources, programming, clinical protocols, information management and health and safety. The Centre meets or exceeds the standards set. The progress of action plans for recommended improvements are monitored by Accreditation Canada. The Three Voices of Healing has undergone a 12-point evaluation by First Nations & Inuit Health as required by the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program. The Centre provides quarterly activity reports and maintains an open and cooperative relationship with First Nations & Inuit Health.

The Three Voices of Healing Society’s Wellness Center has sound policies and procedures to protect the staff as well as the clientele. The Centre provides clear job descriptions, work processes, proactive performance management, an appeal system, continuous learning opportunities and an employee support program that promotes work/life balance. (Consistent with the values and purpose of the Centre, employees are given ample opportunity to both improve performance and resolve disputes.) The Centre conducts regular program evaluations and employee debriefing sessions to ensure staff have opportunity to contribute ideas, problem solve and address concerns. The expertise and experience of our staff are at the core of the services we provide and we value them accordingly.

This Society is a registered Society In-Good-Standing since 1997. The Society members is open to everyone for a nominal fee of $5 every 2 years. From our membership, 5 members are elected to the Society’s Board of Directors for a term of 5 years. The Board of Directors takes their direction from the membership. The Society’s by-laws and governance policies contain processes that give equal access to members to contribute ideas and address concerns or disputes.

The Three Voices of Healing Society’s Wellness Center upholds the mission, vision and operational management with a high level of integrity. Our priority is to provide residential addictions treatment in an environment of safety and confidentiality.



Historical Background

The Three Voices of Healing Wellness Centre, formally known  as the Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Wellness Centre, was originally run as a Recovery Home under the Kootenay Indian Area Council from 1977 into the 1990’s. Then the name changed to the Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Wellness Centre, under the direction of a management team. In 1992 The Wellness Centre became a Treatment Centre under the direction of The Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Tribal Council.

In 1997 The Wellness Centre was transferred to an independent Society, known as The Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Health & Wellness Society with elected Board of Directors. The directors consist of five members, representing the Shuswap Band, St. Mary’s Band, Tobacco Plains Band, Columbia Lake Band, Lower Kootenay Band. Most currently our Bylaws were changed to welcome all into our Society Membership.

In 2008 the name was changed to the Three Voices of Healing Society, representing the three mountain ranges surrounding the treatment centre.

In 2012 the TVOH’s Wellness Centre moved from Creston BC, to the beautiful Shuswap Reserve in Invermere BC.

The TVOH Wellness Centre has a six-week Treatment Program for any men who are ready and willing to address their Alcohol and Drug Addiction and any other issues related to these; and a thirteen week Aftercare Program for men wanting to continue their journey of sobriety.

The Society

The Society name is Three Voices of Healing Society.

A 5 member Board of Directors are elected by the membership; each Director is elected for a 2 year term. Elections are held at our Annual General Meeting in the Fall each year.