Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Three Voices of Healing’s  Wellness Centre? How do I get there?

We are located 2 KM North of Invermere or 14 KM South of Radium on Capilo Way, just off of Highway 93/95. Mother Nature truly provides a ideal setting for Healing. The closest airport is in Cranbrook BC which is approximately 1 hour from Invermere. There is a local Greyhound bus station.

When is the next intake date? Is there a wait list?

Contact our Intake worker for up to date schedules and wait lists as well as an intake package. Clients are booked on a first come first served basis and are booked only upon receipt of all the information required for the intake process (completed application, medical and TB testing). Once the program is booked clients are placed on a wait list and the referral worker is contacted if there is a cancellation otherwise clients are moved to the next intake date.

How long is treatment?

Our first stage Treatment Program runs 41 days.

Our Aftercare Program runs 91 days.

Will I get my own room?

Yes, each client has their own room. Clients are not allowed to bring their own bedding (sheets, pillows etc.) we supply everything needed for bedding.

What is the minimum age?

Due to legal restrictions all clients must be at least 19 years old at the date of their intake into treatment-we can not make any exceptions to this rule.

How do I get referred?

All clients must be referred by a recognized alcohol and drug abuse counsellor, mental health counselor or family counselor and must have attended at least 6 sessions with this counselor (preferable more). The counsellor must also be willing to provide post treatment counselling as part of the clients individualized aftercare plan.

Does the Three Voices of Healing’s Wellness Centre offer detox?

No, we offer addictions counselling services only. The Three Voices of Healing Wellness Centre does not have the medical facilities nor the resources required to support persons who need detoxification. For this reason it is essential that the clients have a minimum of two weeks detoxification from alcohol and drugs prior to their date of intake. We recommend a longer period of sobriety if at all possible, so that the body has had sufficient time to detoxify before the person commences their intensive treatment program. Longer sobriety times before treatment result in clients who have greater success in maintaining their sobriety after treatment.

Are teachings on First Nations’ Culture provided?

Yes, Culture is a large part of our treatment. We have Elders come in to speak with the clients, as well we have a culture and traditions counsellor, on staff, who is very involved with their everyday treatment. By providing clients with basic exposure to First Nations Culture, they can then go back to their own communities with this awareness and find out more about the cultures and traditions that are specific to their own heritage.

What do I bring with me?

We recommend that clients bring the following:

  • Slippers
  • Gym Clothing and Shoes
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies (Shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Personal Spending Money
  • Over the counter medications (Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Swim Suit
  • Clothing for sweats
  • Tobacco (if the client is a smoker)
  • Steel toe boots (for clients taking the aftercare program)
  • Comfort allowance cheque must be made out to the client, not Three Voices of Healing.
  • Two pieces of ID including PHOTO ID


Clients do not have visitations, but we do request that family members attend the completion ceremonies.